The Fairy Queen

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    The Fairy Queen
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    Disk: 1
    1. Prelude
    2. Hornpipe
    3. Air
    4. Rondeau
    5. Overture
    6. Come, Let Us Leave The Town (1. Akt)
    7. Fill Up The Bowl
    8. First Act Tune: Jig
    9. Come All Ye Songsters (2. Akt)
    10. Prelude
    11. May The God Of Wit Inspire
    12. Echo
    13. Now Join Your Warbling Voices All, Sing While We Trip It
    14. See, Even Night Herself Is Here
    15. I Am Come To Lock All Fast
    16. One Charming Night Gives More Delight
    17. Dance Of The Followers Of Night
    18. Second Act Tune: Air
    19. If Love's A Sweet Passion (3. Akt)
    20. Symphony While The Swans Come Forward
    21. Dance For The Fairies
    22. Dance For The Green Men
    23. Ye Gentle Spirits Of The Air
    24. Dialogue Between Coridon And Mopsa
    25. When I Have Often Heard Young Maids Complaining
    26. Dance For The Haymakers
    27. A Thousand, Thousand Ways
    28. Third Act Tune: Hornpipe

    Disk: 2
    1. Symphony (4. Akt)
    2. Now The Night Is Chased Away - Let The Fifes And The Clarions
    3. Entry Of Phoebus
    4. When A Cruel Long Winter - Hail! Great Parent Of Us All
    5. Thus The Ever Grateful Spring
    6. Here's The Summer, Sprighly, Gay
    7. See, See My Many Colour'd Fields
    8. Next Winter Comes Slowly
    9. Fourth Act Tune: Air
    10. Prelude (5. Akt)
    11. Thrice Happy Lovers
    12. O Let Me Weep!
    13. Entry Dance
    14. Symphony
    15. Thus The Gloomy World
    16. Thus Happy And Free
    17. Yes, Daphne
    18. Monkey's Dance
    19. Hark! How All Things With One Sound Rejoice
    20. Hark! The Echoing Air A Triumph Sings
    21. Sure The Dull God Of Marriage Does Not Hear
    22. Prelude - See, I Obey
    23. Turn The Thine Eyes
    24. My Torch Indeed Will From Such Brightness Shine
    25. They Shall Be As Happy As They Are Fair
    26. Chaconne
    27. They Shall Be As Happy As They Are Fair

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