Showtime (Formato Blu-Ray)

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    Showtime (Formato Blu-Ray)
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    RESUMEN Showtime (Formato Blu-Ray)


    1.Mother Mary
    2.When Daylight Goes To Town
    3.Let It Roll
    4.Out On The Streets
    5.This Kidds
    6.The Wild One
    7.Fighting Man
    8.Only You Can Rock Me
    9.Baby Blue
    10.Mr. Freeze
    11.Love To Love
    12.Too Hot Too Handle
    13.Lights Out
    14Rock Bottom
    15.Doctor Doctor
    16.Shoot Shoot

    Studio Songs:

    1.Pack it up and go
    2.Try me
    3.Love to love
    4.Slipping away
    6.Profession of violence

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