The Baltimore Boys

Publicado el mayo de 2017 Normal (ePub) en inglés
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    The Baltimore Boys
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    RESUMEN The Baltimore boys

    NOVEMBER 24, 2004

    The day of the tragedy. The end of a brotherhood.

    The Baltimore Boys. The Goldman Gang. That was what they called Marcus Goldman and his cousins Woody and Hillel. Three brilliant young men with dazzling futures ahead of them, before their kingdom crumbled beneath the weight of lies, jealousy and betrayal. For years, Marcus has struggled with the burdens of his past, but now he must attempt to banish his demons and tell the true and astonishing story of the Baltimore Boys.

    The stunning new novel from the author of the global bestseller, The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair

    Translated from the French by Alison Anderson

    DetallesThe Baltimore boys

    • Autor Joël Dicker
    • Editor Quercus
    • Fecha de lanzamiento febrero 2018
    • EAN 978-0857056887
    • ISBN 9780857056887

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    • Formato ePub
    • Editor MacLehose Press
    • Fecha de lanzamiento mayo 2017
    • EAN 9780857056894
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