Monsieur Lambert

Jean-Jacques Sempé (Autor) Publicado el octubre de 2006 Normal en inglés
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    Monsieur Lambert
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    • Fecha de lanzamiento octubre 2006
      Editor Phaidon
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    A gentle and unmistakably French graphic novel with text and pictures by Jean-Jacques Sempé. A glimpse of the everyday lives and secret passions of the regulars in a small Parisian bistro captured perfectly through Sempé`s perceptive illustrations and the finely judged translation provided by Anthea Bell.
    When Monsieur Lambert does not turn up for lunch at his usual time, the other regulars speculate that he must have met a woman. The diners start discussing women they have loved and lost, thereby revealing unexpected facets of their lives and personalities.
    The restaurant and its regulars are vividly brought to life in a series of drawings which, together with handwritten dialogue bubbling in a laconic narrative, display Sempé`s signature unerring eye and ear for the telling details of human behaviourTranslated from the French by award-winning translator Anthea Bell. A classic, first published in 1965, is now available in English for the first time.

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    octubre 2006