Sleepless nights

Sarah Bilston (Autor) Publicado el octubre de 2008 Normal en inglés
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    Sleepless Nights
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    SINOPSIS Sleepless nights

    RESUMEN Sleepless nights

    After the pregnancy from hell, motherhood has to be plain sailing, doesn't it? Quinn 'Q' Boothroyd is in for a shock.

    And baby Samuel isn't the only thing on Q's mind - she and her husband Tom have some difficult decisions to make about their future. When a chance opportunity introduces them to an eccentric small-town lawyer, the couple's integrity - and their marriage - is tested to the limit.

    Meanwhile Jeanie, Q's younger sister, is having problems of her own. Boyfriend Dave seems dangerously close to popping the question, but is she ready to settle down?

    It's sleepless nights all round this summer: one woman will wake up to motherhood, the other to becoming an adult. Both must dare to make their beds - and lie in them.

    DetallesSleepless nights

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    • EAN 9781405518437
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