The host

Publicado el junio de 2009 Bolsillo (Bolsillo) en inglés
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    The host
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    SINOPSIS The host

    RESUMEN The host

    Stephenie Meyer, creator of the phenomenal teen-vamp Twilight series, takes paranormal romance into alien territory in her first adult novel. Those wary of sci-fi or teen angst will be pleasantly surprised by this mature and imaginative thriller, propelled by equal parts action and emotion. A species of altruistic parasites has peacefully assumed control of the minds and bodies of most humans, but feisty Melanie Stryder won't surrender her mind to the alien soul called Wanderer. Overwhelmed by Melanie's memories of fellow resistor Jared, Wanderer yields to her body's longing and sets off into the desert to find him. Likely the first love triangle involving just two bodies, it's unabashedly romantic, and the characters (human and alien) genuinely endearing. Readers intrigued by this familiar-yet-alien world will gleefully note that the story's end leaves the door open for a sequel--or another series

    DetallesThe host

    • Editor Little brown
    • Fecha de lanzamiento junio 2009
    • Colección Atom
    • EAN 978-0751540642
    • ISBN 9780751540642

    Características digitales

    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Sphere
    • Fecha de lanzamiento febrero 2009
    • EAN 9780748112548
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