When I embraced life

Publicado el julio de 2018 Normal (ePub) en inglés
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    When I embraced life
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    RESUMEN When I embraced life

    BOOK SYNOPSIS When I embraced life is a fascinating book that not only gives you the chance to read about an amazing biographical experience, but also serves as an invaluable invitation to inspire and transform your life. After receiving the blow of an unexpected diagnosis - advanced stage cancer - Ibán decided to follow his heart and make the most of this opportunity to learn. Today Ibán, now healthier and freer than ever before, offers the world this book, which brings together the daily entries he made to his blog during his journey. The entries consist of wise reflections that infect readers with his incredible zest for life and promote some of the values most needed in this world: gratitude, joy and hope. Ibán reminds us that the essence of life is our attitude and love, and that the true miracle is living the present. This work is a gift of pure light, light that will help illuminate the path for thousands of people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear friend. Thank you for sharing this brightly shining tale of love with all of us and for helping us, too, to shine, with the light we all have deep within. Many hugs and a happy life to you, from me, a loyal reader. MARÍA DEL PINO QUINTANA PÉREZ Writer

    DetallesWhen I embraced life

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    • EAN 978-8417148492
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