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    Berta Isla - Ed inglés
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    RESUMEN Berta Isla - Ed inglés

    A thrilling new literary offering from the acclaimed author of The Infatuations andA Heart So White

    'For a while, she wasn't sure that her husband was her husband. Sometimes she thought he was, and sometimes not...'

    Berta Isla and Tomás Nevinson meet in Madrid. They are both very young and quickly decide to spend their lives together - never suspecting that they will grow to be total strangers, both living living under the shadow of disappearances.

    Tomás, half-Spanish and half-English, has an extraordinary gift for languages and accents. Leaving Berta to study at Oxford, he catches the interest of a certain government agency, and its mysterious agent, Bertram Tupra. Tomás is determined to evade the agent's attentions but his fate is sealed by a series of escalating events that will affect the rest of his life - and that of his beloved Berta. Finishing his time at Oxford, he returns to Madrid to marry her, already knowing the life they planned has been lost forever.

    Darkly gripping, Berta Isla is a story about a relationship condemned to secrecy and concealment, to pretence and conjecture, to resentment mingled with loyalty. With meticulous insight and understanding of the human soul, Marías examines the urge to change our destiny, and the hopeless exiles we bring upon ourselves.

    DetallesBerta Isla - Ed inglés

    • Editor Penguin
    • EAN 978-0241983553
    • ISBN 9780241983553

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    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Penguin
    • Fecha de lanzamiento octubre 2018
    • EAN 9780241983560
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