Box Set Charles Gerhardt Conducts Classic Film Scores - 12 CDs

Charles Gerhardt (Director de orquesta) Disco Publicado el 13 marzo 2020
    Box Set Charles Gerhardt Conducts Classic Film Scores - 12 CDs_0
    Box Set Charles Gerhardt Conducts Classic Film Scores - 12 CDs
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    RESUMEN Box Set Charles Gerhardt Conducts Classic Film Scores - 12 CDs


    Disco 1
      1. The Sea Hawk: Main Title - Reunion - Finale (From 'The Sea Hawk')
      2. Nora's Theme (From 'Of Human Bondage')
      3. March of the Merry Men - Battle (From 'The Adventures of Robin Hood')
      4. Juarez: Love Theme (From 'Juarez')
      5. Kings Row; Main Title (From 'Kings Row')
      6. Tomorrow (From 'The Constant Nymph')
      7. Overture (From 'Captain Blood')
      8. No Father, No Mother, No Name (From 'Anthony Adverse')
      9. Between Two Worlds: Main Title - Mother and Son (From 'Between Two Worlds')
      10. Deception: Main Title (From 'Deception')
      11. The Death of Emily Bronte (From 'Devotion')
      12. Escape Me Never: Main Title - Venice - March - Love Scene - Finale (From 'Escape Me Never')

    Disco 2
      1. Prelude
      2. Prelude (From 'The Guns of Navarone')
      3. Prelude
      4. Overture (From 'The Fourposter')
      5. Love Scene in the Barn (From 'Friendly Persuasion')
      6. Choral Finale (From 'Search for Paradise')

    Disco 3
      1. Adventures of Don Juan
      2. The Sea Hawk - Suite
      3. Ship in the Night (From 'Captain Blood')
      4. They Died with Their Boots On - Wilbraham, John / Macintosh, Ian
      5. Dodge City
      6. Parachute Drop (From 'Objective Burma')
      7. The Sun Also Rises
      8. The Adventures of Robin Hood

    Disco 4
      1. Main Title: Dixie, Mammy, Tara, Rhett (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      2. Opening Sequence: The Twins, Katie Bell, Ashley, Mammy (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      3. Driving Home, Gerald O'Hara, Scarlett, Tara (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      4. Dance Montage: Charleston Heel and Toe Polka, Southern Belle Waltz, Can Can (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      5. Grazioso, Mammy, Ashley, Ashley and Scarlett, Scarlett, Ashley and Melanie Love Theme (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      6. Civil War, Fall of the South, Scarlett Walks Among the Wounded (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      7. True Love - Ashley Returns to Tara from the War - Tara in Ruins (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      8. Belle Watling (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      9. Reconstruction, The Nightmare, Tara Rebuilt, Bonnie, The Accident (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      10. Mammy and Melanie on the Staircase - Rhett's Sorrow (From 'Gone With The Wind')
      11. Apotheosis: Melanie's Death, Scarlett and Rhett, Tara (From 'Gone With The Wind')

    Disco 5
      1. 20th Century-Fox Fanfare with the CinemaScope Extension and Street Scene - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      2. Conquest - Band Of The Grenadier Guards
      3. Cathy's Theme (From 'Wuthering Heights')
      4. Hornpipe (From 'Down To The Sea In Ships')
      5. Prelude - Ambrosian Singers, The
      6. The Hunters (Main Title) [From 'The Bravados']
      7. Anastasia (Main Title)
      8. London Calling (From 'The Best Of Everything')
      9. Airport (Main Title)
      10. Main Title - Band Of The Grenadier Guards

    Disco 6
      1. Casablanca - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      2. Passage to Marseille: Rescue at Sea - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      3. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      4. The Big Sleep: Love Themes - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      5. The Caine Mutiny: March - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      6. To Have and Have Not: Main Title: Martinque - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      7. The Two Mrs. Carrolls - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      8. Sabrina: Main Title; The Larrabee Estate - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      9. The Left Hand of God: Love Theme - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      10. Sahara: Main Title - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      11. Virginia City: Stagecoach; Love Scene - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      12. Key Largo - National Philharmonic Orchestra

    Disco 7
      1. The Death Hunt (From 'On Dangerous Ground')
      2. Prelude: Xanadu - Snow Picture (From 'Citizen Kane')
      3. Theme and Variations (Breakfast Montage) [From 'Citizen Kane']
      4. Aria from Salammbo (From 'Citizen Kane')
      5. Rosebud and Finale (From 'Citizen Kane')
      6. The Sea - The Lagoon (From 'Beneath the 12-Mile Reef')
      7. Descending (From 'Beneath the 12-Mile Reef')
      8. The Octopus - Homecoming (From 'Beneath the 12-Mile Reef')
      9. Concerto Macabre for Piano and Orchestra (From 'Hangover Square')
      10. Talking Drums - Prelude: The Riverboat - Petticoat Dance - The Safari (From 'White Witch Doctor')
      11. Tarantula - The Lion (From 'White Witch Doctor')
      12. Nocturne (From 'White Witch Doctor')
      13. Abduction of the Bakuba Boy - The Skulls (From 'White Witch Doctor')
      14. Lonni Bound by Ropes - Departure (From 'White Witch Doctor')

    Disco 8
      1. Prelude
      2. Prelude
      3. The Bride of Frankenstein: The Creation of the Female Monster
      4. Main Title
      5. Old Acquaintance - Elegy for Strings
      6. Prelude
      7. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Fanfare
      8. Taras Bulba - The Ride to Dubno

    Disco 9
      1. Overture (From 'The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex') - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      2. Main Title - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      3. In the Forest - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      4. Main Title - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      5. Cello concerto in C, Op.37 (From 'Deception') - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      6. Night Scene (From 'Another Dawn') - National Philharmonic Orchestra
      7. Main Title - National Philharmonic Orchestra

    Disco 10
      1. Prelude (From 'The Red House')
      2. The Morgan Farm, The New Hired Hand, Swimming Scene (From 'The Red House')
      3. Meg Finds the Red House (From 'The Red House')
      4. Teller Shoots at Meg (From 'The Red House')
      5. Pete's Death and Finale (From 'The Red House')
      6. The Love of the Princess (From 'The Thief of Bagdad')
      7. The Bottle, First Meeting (From 'The Lost Weekend')
      8. The Mouse and the Bat, Nightmare (From 'The Lost Weekend')
      9. Love Scene and Finale (From 'The Lost Weekend')
      10. Sunstroke, River Journey (From 'The Four Feathers')
      11. Mrs. Dietrichson, The Conspiracy (From 'Double Indemnity')
      12. Scherzo: Hawks in Flight (From 'Knights of the Round Table')
      13. Song of the Jungle (From 'The Jungle Book')
      14. The Dream Sequence, The Mountain Lodge (From 'Spellbound')
      15. Overture (From 'Ivanhoe')

    Disco 11
      1. Now, Voyager
      2. King Kong
      3. Saratoga Trunk: As Long As I Live
      4. The Charge of the Light Brigade: Forward the Light Brigade
      5. Four Wives: Symphonie Moderne
      6. The Big Sleep
      7. Johnny Belinda: Suite
      8. Since You Went Away: Main Title
      9. The Informer
      10. The Fountainhead

    Disco 12
      1. Fanfare (From 'Now, Voyager')
      2. Blindness (Judith's Theme) (From 'Dark Victory'
      3. Main Title (From 'A Stolen Life')
      4. Elizabeth (From 'The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex')
      5. Forsaken (From 'Mr. Skeffington')
      6. Main Title (From 'In This Our Life')
      7. Main Title (From 'All About Eve')
      8. Waltz (From 'Jezebel')
      9. Main Title (From 'Beyond the Forest')
      10. Carlotta (From 'Juarez')
      11. Main Title (From 'The Letter')
      12. Main Title (From 'All This, and Heaven Too')

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