The Foundling

Agnes Desarthe (Autor) Publicado el febrero de 2013 Normal en inglés
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    The Foundling
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    RESUMEN The Foundling

    Jerome is a calm man - at least, that's what he'd always believed. But when his daughter's boyfriend dies in an accident, he is overwhelmed by unexpected grief. As he struggles to make sense of the loss and his own reaction to it, he finds himself assailed by emotions and memories he has allowed to lie dormant: the residual feelings for his ex-wife; a baffling new attraction to a stranger; a precarious friendship with a retired policeman; and, above all, unsettling questions about his own past and the family he never knew. In returning to the forests of his childhood and the darkest nights of the second world war, Jerome gradually, painfully begins to piece together the truth of his own origins and the tragedy that his adoptive parents tried to bury.

    DetallesThe Foundling

    • Autor Agnes Desarthe
    • Editor Granta
    • Fecha de lanzamiento febrero 2013
    • EAN 978-1846274121
    • ISBN 9781846274121

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    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Granta books
    • Fecha de lanzamiento febrero 2012
    • EAN 9781846274350
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