Folk Tales

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    Folk Tales
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    Descripción Folk Tales

    When the apes finally evolved into Man, they awoke to find a world they enjoyed and innumerable things which were beyond their imagination. Wow! Why? Fantastic folk tales were thus created.
    Fantastic folk tales were passed down through history orally, but are still told today. The more recent versions are, of course, masterpieces of modern fiction.
    The book is highlighted with the inclusiion of the Four Most-Favored Folk Love Tales of China, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Legend of the White Snake, Great Wall Collapse as Meng Jiang Nu Cried, and The Cowerd and the Weaver Maid.
    In China, operas, plays, music and movies, based on the theme of folk tales, are very popular. From these, our readers, especially those are still young, will gain a love and understanding of traditional Chinese culture....

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