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Patricia Pascoal
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    Serie ÚnicaFeliz Angola Livro De Receitas
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    Descripción Feliz Angola Livro De Receitas

    Feliz Angola contains fresh Angolan food recipes which is not spoken or written anywhere else. most of you may know the best cooks on earth are our mothers, Ms Pascoal yearns to unveil these fresh and fantastic recipes in her new book. These recipes, our innovative style of cooking. It's Ms Pascoal heart's desire to show these recipes with you and in hope it will be appreciated by you. The intention is to take you into this new Feliz Angola journey of discovery. She want's to invite you all to these delight written words not just for the Angolan people but for those of you in the fourth corners of the earth.

    DetallesFeliz Angola Livro De Receitas

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    • Número de páginas 80
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    • Editor Life And Success Media
    • Colección Única
    • Idiomas Portugués

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