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    Descripción Tales of Modern Day Mountain Men Paperback

    Cheers for Tales!Youll smile, youll chuckle, youll even fight back a nostalgic tear or two as you read Ronald Smiths wonderful book, Tales of Modern Day Mountain Men. Most of all, youll find yourself thinking that America would be in much better shape if every boy in every city had an opportunity to join the journeys of the Mountain Men. Youll camp with the Mountain Men in wilderness areas where life lessons arent taught out of a book, but out of life-changing personal experiences and interpersonal relationships. In a day and age in which masculinity, courage, and sacrifice are treated as virtual taboos, this book is refreshing tonic. You wont want to put it down!- Dr. Gary Dyer, PastorAustin Baptist ChurchIf you are the parent of a son, read this book. If you are curious about what teen-age boys want from life, read this book. If you want to see how the spirit of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are alive today in America, read this book. If you want to see how the Bible can be applied in everyday life, read this book. Shoot! Just read this book!- Tommy Thomas, PhD  CEO Opposite StrengthsOur lives have been transformed through the creation and application of electronics. Today we find ourselves adrift in the open ocean of information. Where do we draw the line between effective use and abuse of technology? How do we help our kids know the differences? Tales of Modern Day Mountain Men offers compelling and entertaining observations of young men traveling North America discovering themselves without the influence of technology. Along the way, readers are challenged to consider the boys in their lives and how to help them become successful men through intentional practices. '

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